What is DOI?

It is a non-repetitive, and constant group of characters, numbers, symbols, special characters and words, linked with online journals, articles, books and many more intellectual digital works for a perpetual time period.
It works as a permanent web address just as a URL for research papers/articles/books, like any other website URL. By clicking on it, an authorized person can access the e-resources online very quickly, without thinking about other complexity.

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Which types of digital documents can have DOI?

DOI can be attached to:

  • academic journal articles
  • research reports
  • governmental reports
  • data sets
  • books
  • conference proceedings
  • code
  • media

Why DOI is needed for research articles/ online journals?

DOI is a unique dangling identifier for online research articles/books/papers or documents. It is used for permanently citing the documents in the ocean of www.
You may say, research articles can be accessed via the publisher-provided link, but what happens if the publisher’s website may lose its domain or may find some technical problems in hosting?
In the above-discussed situation, the document cannot be accessed via the link provided by the publisher. In such a scenario, DOI is the only solution for accessing the document on the World Wide Web. DOIs make it easier to retrieve your digital document.
We can say that DOI is more stable than normal web links.

How to get a DOI?

International DOI Foundation is responsible for managing the body of the DOI. There are several DOI agencies, which have affiliation and homologation with the International DOI Foundation, which are the end touch point for the DOI creation. For getting the DOI, you will have to find the service providers, such as Sequence R & D Pvt. Ltd. which is the leading DOI provider for India. They are the official sponsored partner of crossref (one of the registration agencies for the International DOI Foundation). It assigns DOIs to scholarly research publications.

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